Our Mission
To maximize financial returns to our investors by investing in,
and helping build, world class technology companies.

Our Values
Honesty and Integrity
As stewards of our investors’ money, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of honesty and integrity.

We treat our investors, investment advisors, employees and other stakeholders fairly. If there is any conflict between the welfare of our investors or investment advisors and that of ourselves, we put their welfare before our own.

We are professional fund managers and company builders. Everything we do reflects our commitment to excellence. We bring our "A" game every day and take pride in our work and achievements.

We place great value on our relationships and strive for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Respect and Learning
People are our greatest asset. We respect and listen to team members and other stakeholders. Our working environment is fast paced, fun and provides continuous opportunity to grow, learn and succeed.