Advantage is a Venture Capital Corporation (VCC) registered under the Small Business Venture Capital Act of BC (the “SBVCA”). As such, Advantage can only invest in companies that qualify as “eligible small businesses” under that Act. The SBVCA defines an ESB as a company that:

  1. has no more than 100 employees;
  2. pays at least 75% of its wages and salaries to employees who regularly report to work in BC;
  3. has no more than 20% of assets situated outside BC; and
  4. is substantially engaged in a qualifying activity (i.e. the technology business).
If your company does not meet the requirements of the SBVCA and its associated Regulations, we cannot invest no matter how interesting your opportunity is. If your company does meet the requirements, then we suggest you have a look at our investment criteria for the kind of ESBs we are looking for to see if you are a fit. To assist entrepreneurs with determining how likely it is that we will invest, and how best to approach us, we have set out in detail our investment philosophy, methodology and criteria on our Entrepreneurs FAQ page. You will find it very helpful, before submitting your materials, to review these FAQs. We also include a link to some precedent templates on how to best prepare your collaterals for our review.

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