Gordon McCauley, President & CEO

“The entire BC Advantage team has been an essential part of our progress. Their expertise at the board table is invaluable; their understanding of the intricacies of a highly complex industry makes us listen; and their knowledge of the markets has helped us to move through both turbulent waters and calm. BC Advantage is a great partner for an emerging business.”


Mark Grambart , CEO

"Having BC Advantage funds invest in Contech brought us a lot more than money. Both Advantage representatives on our Board have done some significant heavy lifting to get us to where we are today. What was truly exceptional is that their support strengthened as things became more challenging. Whether it is negotiating the buy-out of an ex-founder, settling outstanding litigation, leading the negotiation of strategic acquisitions, using their network to attract strong Board members, or introducing us to their investor network, Advantage's approach of collaborating with management adds significant value. Advantage is a true partner and together we are working to make Contech stronger."


John Tedesco , CEO

"The Advantage team has been very easy for us to work with. In my view, they have adopted just the right balance of being close to the managment team and our business, while not interfering in our day to day operations. Working with them, we have developed an efficient protocol for reporting which keeps them current and in the loop without burdening us with too much administration. And when it came time to do the follow-on round, they were well organized and very efficient and we were able to get it done quickly. They have been a good financial partner to work with."


Derek Spratt, President & CEO

"Advantage has been a real involved, value-added, VC for us. While the phrase value-add is thrown around a lot, the proof is in the punch. The Advantage guys stepped up when the company was going through its growth pains, took a lead on dealing with some of the hard issues, and supported the company when we needed it most. And when we needed to raise money, not only did they step up themselves, but they also took a very active, hands on, role is helping us complete the balance of our round. They have been a great partner for us."


Barry Carlson, Founder and former Chairman

"The Advantage guys do what many VCs only claim to do - provide value add. In our case, they were extremely active and we couldn't have asked for better Board members. They took on the task of selling our company and, working hand in hand with managment and the rest of our Board, they were instrumental in achieving a very, very successful exit for all of the stakeholders. I can't speak more highly of the value they brought to our company and, ultimately, to all of our stakeholders."


Barry Allen , CEO

"I was acquainted with BC Advantage prior to their investment in Urodynamix and was very pleased when they became our first institutional investor. Since their initial investment, they have impressed me with their commitment to building the Company. Their representatives on our board have helped determine the strategic direction of the Company and introduced me to two new Directors that have added significant scientific and clinical expertise to our Board. After investing, they helped negotiate a compensation package that allowed me to focus on Urodynamix full time – not, perhaps, the first step of most venture capitalists. They have provided strong capital markets support by supplying the lead order in each of our financings and continue to expend considerable effort introducing me to their network, which has helped attract sophisticated, long term investors to Urodynamix. This has definitely been a win-win relationship."