The Advantage Structured Fund invests in emerging life science, technology and clean technology companies.  Its portfolio includes investments in biotech and medical devices as well as information technology, manufacturing and clean technology companies. 

The Fund's portfolio includes private and public companies, as well as companies in the development stage through to revenue generating companies.  For more information, please see our investment strategy.

Advantage Structured Fund is closed to further investment.

Redemptions of the fund have been temporarily suspended.  Under the Small Business Venture Capital Act (SBVCA) only monies from investment income, capital gains and the proceeds of disposition of investments held for five years or more may be used to finance redemptions.  The fund does not currently have sufficient funds allowable under the SBVCA to meet redemptions.  Upon achieving sufficient liquidity, the fund will notify shareholders when redemptions have been reinstated and will process redemption requests in the chronological order the shares became redeemable under the SBVCA.